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Loot by Joe Orton

Loot by Joe Orton

"Shagadelic! Kinky, sarcastic and gleefully disrespectful..."

SunHerald, Sydney 

Bash! Latterday Plays by Neil LaBute

CRITIC'S PICK: "An awesome ensemble."

Sydney Morning Herald 


Bash! by Neil LaBute

NippleJesus by Nick Hornby

Adapted for the stage by Shane Morgan

**** (4 Stars) 

"Laced with wit and intricate descriptions of the world...

feels like an intense conversation with an old friend."


"Perfect...funny and clever"

Drum Media, Sydney

"an attack on popular culture...well worth a look"

Sun Herald, Sydney

"Storming one man production...laced with testosterone" Bristol Evening Post

"Powerful and skilfully acted...Taunton was privileged to see such an outstanding performance"

Somerset County Gazette

NippleJesus by Nick Hornby (Adapted for the stage by Shane Morgan)
Can't Pay? Won't Pay! by Dario Fo

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! by Dario Fo

**** (4 Stars)

"outraged-flavoured, credit crunch yumminess"


"Moira Hunt is a brilliantly irascible Antonia...Clive Linthorne makes each of his characters amusingly memorable" 


RoughHose Thatre's 24 Hour Plays

The 24 Hour Plays

in association with Theatre Royal Bath

“The spunky, adrenaline-rich verve of a 1970s punk album…a reminder of how exhilarating theatre at its rawest can be.”
Tom Phillips, Venue Magazine

“The 24 Hour Plays, where writers, directors and casts got together to write, rehearse and perform six short new plays across a weekend, was inspired and inspiring.”

Steve Wright, Venue Magazine's Best of the Year

Two Gentlemen of Verona 


Measure For Measure

By William Shakespeare

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol


**** (4 Stars)

"Smart, funny, bright and refreshing."

Venue Magazine

"...innovative and stylish"

Bristol Culture

"(a) delightful production...wonderfully entertaining." Bristol 247


Bristol Evening Post


RoughHose Theare's Shakespeare Double Bill
What Kind ofDay Has it Been? by Rondo Writer's Group

What Kind of Day Has It Been? by RoughHouse Theatre

in association with the Rondo Writer's Group

"...the kind of show that you leave the theatre thinking about, and can’t stop thinking about for a long time afterwards...we were drawn into a world that was altogether touching, hilarious and – at times – surreal."

Theatre Bath

Henry Walker and the Wheel of Death

Adapted for the stage by Shane Morgan

Based on the novel

Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician

by Daniel Wallace

**** (4 Stars)

"An enchanting yet sinister tale of love, life, death and conspiracy, seen through the eyes of a deranged mind...You won't be disappointed."


Henry Walker and te Wheelof Death by Daniel Wallace (Adapted for the stage by Shane Morgan)
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte (Adapted for the stage byAlison Farina)

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

Adapted for the stage by Alison Farina

Butterfly Psyche Theatre

in association with RoughHouse Theatre

***** (5 Stars)

"...inspiring and mesmerising; hugely enabled by the wit and charm of Morgan’s fiercely clever vision."

Theatre Bath

"Effortlessly directed by Shane Morgan...Anne’s words shine in a tale of adultery, alcoholism and domestic abuse."

Bristol 247

**** (4 Stars)

"…extremely impressive. A thought-provoking night at the theatre…this stage adaption is beautifully performed (and) directed.”


Hands Up For Jonny Wilkinson's Right Boot!

By Dougie Blaxland

RoughHouse Theatre

in association with Live Wire Theatre and the Rugby Football Union 

"An impressive piece of theatre... It is entertaining, thought-provoking and far transcends the rugby field."

British Theatre Guide

Hands Up For JonnyWilkinson's Right Boot! by Dougie Blaxland
Whe The Eye Has Gone by Dougie Blaxland

When The Eye Has Gone by Dougie Blaxland

RoughHouse Theatre

in association with Live Wire Theatre and the Professional Cricketer's Association


“…brimming with charisma and honesty. Blaxland has skillfully worked Milburn’s life into an arresting parable.”

The Stage

“…what makes Blaxland’s piece so compelling is that Milburn’s is a universal tale…(his) exuberance was brilliantly resurrected by Dan Gaisford.”

The Telegraph 

"A tour de force”

Bath Chronicle 

"...a mesmeric virtuoso performance which was every bit

as gripping as one of Milburn's swashbuckling innings".

Kent Online 

The Long Walk Back by Dougie Blaxland

RoughHouse Theatre

in association with Live Wire Theatre 

"A remarkable piece...the play deserves to be a great success."

The Guardian

"Taut, probing and beautifully structured...
a remarkable exploration of the pitfalls for those who become famous at a very young age, before their time comes to an abrupt, permanent end. It is also a rare and honest examination of mistakes, from small to very large, all made in the public gaze."
My Theatre Mates
"...extraordinary riches-to-rags story told with unsparing The Long Walk Back shows, redemption is possible even in cases that seem hopeless."
The Greenwich Visitor
"a deeply insightful character study
that attempts to understand the psychology of a man who has reached the heights and plumbed the depths of life...this is a rewarding evening that delivers an important message about the consequences of crime"
British Theatre Guide

The Long Walk Back (l-r Scott Bayliss, M
Getting The Third Degree (Image by Lisa

Getting The Third Degree by Dougie Blaxland

RoughHouse Theatre

in association with Live Wire Theatre 

Commissioned by Kick It Out

"Perfectly-paced, impressively assured…

This wholly uplifting, triumphant celebration of Cunningham’s life offers an eloquent insight into both his personality and the influences that turned him into the success story he became.”

The Bath Magazine

"The beautifully written Getting The Third Degree is about a lot more than just sport...In the way the three actors tell the story of the black playing experience, this puts football in its social context."
The Telegraph
**** 4 stars
Northern Soul
"the three-strong cast whizz through almost 100 years of football history, brilliantly swapping roles and characters in the same slick, smooth way that Cunningham was famed for on the pitch."
Eastern Daily Press

Winner digital badge.jpg


Produced and edited by RoughHouse Theatre and Dougie Blaxland

In association with Haringey Council, Kick It Out and Harris Academy, Tottenham

“An ambitious project that showed adaptability and the ability to entertain and educate.”

Mariella Frostrup, journalist and broadcaster

"A great idea to engage young people and teach them overlooked truths about the immigrant generations of the 50s and 60s”

Adrian Lester, actor and director


"The fact that it switched from a live event to a radio broadcast because of COVID not only shows determination to get the project completed but has actually meant its reach was far wider.”

Paul Hartnoll, musician, composer, founder member of Orbital

Unknown by Dougie Blaxland

Directed by RoughHouse Theatre

Commissioned by The Big Issue

“A powerful and very special event. Through the performance, it becomes so painfully clear how whole lives are destroyed without people caring to listen, to understand, to engage, to heal.”

Wera Hobhouse MP

“Harrowing stories eloquently told – all the more shocking because we know them to be true.”

Ken Loach, Filmmaker

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